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Warm up your engines - Move your machine

Detox the body systems  and prepare yourself for activity


I hope you've all had a winter that's been as cozy as a cup of hot cocoa. Are you ready to show some love to the thing that has got you through it all? - Your body ?

I am here to help you set that reset button. Now, be careful emerging from the hibernation phase and diving into January all guns blazing, with that  -”NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”  burst of energy, I am seeing more injuries this month than ever ,  people overzealous with activities. Do you want to know why NOW is the best time to schedule that much-needed session? 

Let me explain 5 good reasons !

1. Thawing Out the Stiffness:

You know that feeling when your car's been sitting in the cold, and it groans and creaks when you finally start it? Your body is no different! Winter stiffness is a real thing, and osteopathy is like the magic key that unlocks those frozen joints and muscles. Osteopathy lets you get  moving smoothly again! You know how Osteoarthritis symptoms are always worse  with damp and cold and when you ve not been moving as much. Allow me to help you get going. 

2. Kickstarting Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage:

Just like we warm up our car engines before driving, osteopathy gets your engine going, fluids flowing, blood flow and lymphatic system draining. This improved circulation means better oxygen supply, toxin removal, hormone excretion, joints feel looser and free-er and this warm up means an overall healthier you. It's like giving your body a service or spring clean – who doesn't want that?

3. Detoxify and Feel Alive:

Speaking of cleaning, osteopathy can help kick those toxins to the curb. A detox for your body – a reboot of all your organ systems, liver, kidney, bowel, skin, nervous system. Using massage and mobilising techniques I can  leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and ready to tackle whatever the year throws your way. Goodbye, winter sluggishness!

4. A Pain-Free Zone:

Winter  brings aches and pains like unwanted guests to a party. Think of me as the BOUNCER, showing pain and stiffness to the door  Whether it's a nagging backache or a stiff neck, I've got lots of different techniques to soothe those troubles away. Say hello to a pain-free existence!

5. Flexibility and Injury Prevention:

Finally (THIS  is what I'm seeing most of right now!!!) with the gym and sports making their comeback in your life, it's easy to dive in without the right preparation and winter stiffness can cause painful DOMS ( Delayed Onset  Muscle Soreness) and injuries, on your first few days back. Osteopathic treatment can be like your warm up,  improving your flexibility before you over exert and regret that heavy deadlift!!! Osteopathy helps prevent injuries by giving your body preparation, a heads up – "Hey winter bod, we're about to do something awesome, but you've not done it for a while, so let's see Carolyn, get a bit more mobile,  and be ready for it without causing injury!"

And hey, last but not least, Osteopathy is your go-to  for handling the more longer-term guests too, osteoarthritis and menopause symptoms for example. There is no need to suffer, allow me to ease that for you. I'm here to make sure you're living your best life, no matter what stage you're at.

So, readers, let's make this post-winter transition a smooth one. Think of your body as your favuorite car, and osteopathy as its regular service – keep it running smoothly, and it'll take you on some incredible journeys. Here's to a year of flexibility, less pain, and a whole lot of wellness!

Book now for treatment of for a free 20 minute chat here if you'd like a chat.

Cheers to a fantastic you in 2024! 

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