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"Promising evidence" that osteopathy may relieve musculoskeletal pain

Osteopathy is more than just the “crack”

Osteopaths don't use only "cracking" techniques!!! We have other strings to our bow, like Cranial techniques, massage, stretching, MET, inhibition articulation, positional release. So younger and older patients can still benefit, where manipulation may not be appropriate.


There’s ‘promising evidence’ that osteopathy, the physical manipulation of the body’s tissues and bones, may relieve the pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions, finds a review of the available clinical evidence, published in the open-access journal BMJ Open.

Osteopathy can be used in a wide range of conditions

The systematic review, which was widely picked up by national media including The Telegraph, reported on the use of osteopathy in a wide range of conditions, including acute and chronic non-specific low back pain, chronic non-specific neck pain, chronic non-cancer pain, primary headache, and IBS.

Analysis showed that osteopathy was more effective than other approaches in reducing pain and improving physical function in acute/chronic non-specific lower back and neck pain and in chronic pain.

The researchers said:

‘This overview suggests that [osteopathy] could be effective in the management of musculoskeletal disorders, specifically with regard to chronic non-specific low back pain and low pack pain in pregnant women or those who have just had a baby’

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