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7 tips to help your cough

Women coughing

If you have a cough that won't shift, have excessive mucous and catarrh that is proving difficult to shift, or symptoms from Bronchitis, pneumonia, virus or a bacterial infection. These things are super helpful to speed up your recovery

Seven top tips to shift that cough

  1. Increase hydration - I'm a lover of hot water, ginger and lemon.

  2. Make sure you get plenty of rest - this is when you heal and repair. And sleep propped up so your cough doesn't keep you awake.

  3. Use steam inhalations-whether you choose to put your head over a bowl, take regular hot showers, you can add menthol crystals or a good quality eucalyptus oil to help open the airways.

  4. Increase your fruit and veg for anti oxidants and to help clear a sluggish bowel Choose a rainbow of colours from fruit and veg, along with lemon, ginger, manuka honey, garlic and cayenne pepper and chilli - things reported to be antibacterial help circulation, reduce inflammation and soothe.

  5. Add extra supplements daily - we don't get enough nutrients from soil our veg grow in, so think about adding things that give that added boost like multivitamins, ionic minerals, anti oxidants, (go to the shop for more info) along with goodies that act as anti inflammatories, and support the immune system like Trebiotics.

  6. Soothe an irritating cough by slowly sucking on a lozenge or hard boiled sweet.

  7. Gently stretch your neck, shoulders and ribs and get your diaphragm working. Either a short walk if possible or try some specific exercises that help move these areas.

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