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Helping you become
pain-free, mobile & energised

with professional, caring Osteopathy

Registered. Attentive. Compassionate.

Hi I’m Carolyn, and I have over 22 year’s experience helping people out of pain and into good health, and I currently operate from my Macclesfield Osteopathy Clinic - 07855 477978.

I offer professional, friendly care, treating many medical conditions and aches and pains. Osteopathy can help at any age, from the newborn to the elderly. I regularly help pregnant ladies, gym go-ers, active and sporting people, those suffering from arthritis, manual workers, excessive computer users, those that drive for long periods, dancers, cyclists, musicians and people of all ages, and it would be my pleasure to take care of you in the Clinic.

Real people, real results

Always such a relief when I've been to see my favourite Osteopath. Don't know what I'd do without you sometimes  

Angela H - New Mills

Osteopathy offers relief from

Pain & stiffness

Symptoms of arthritis

Pain during or after pregnancy

Sports injuries & disc problems


Pain or stiffness pre or post operation

General iIl health


What to expect during your treatment

CGO Consult.jpeg

Your first consultation will usually last around 45 mins to an hour, allowing for listening time and to get a full picture of your current problem, your general health, medical history and for time to examine you.

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